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The Radical Notion That People Are People
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Equality for All
Welcome to the Equalism Community on Livejournal!

This community was created for open discussion, of any subject, of any viewpoint, with any language and word choice. We can disagree, we can have heated debates, and we can get angry. All of these things are OK. This community should make people feel COMFORTABLE saying what they TRULY think, without holding back in fear of being attacked by other users. It is OK to disagree and use different words and have completely opposite ideas.

I truly believe this is key to bringing PEACE and HARMONY to not only individual people, but even whole societies. The idea of "TOLERANCE" has obliterated the importance of diversity and the ability of people to carry on rich, varied relationships even if they aren't the same skin color/religion/race/political party/sexual orientation/gender identity/ectectect...

So while this community is wholeheartedly anti-censorship, insulting posts or comments directed towards another user CAN be deleted depending on the circumstance, and banning is an option for those who can't control themselves. This space is for people to feel COMFORTABLE in sharing honestly and receiving contructive criticism, not to be overly insulted or worry about wank.

Because of this, membership is moderated to keep those who simply want to stir up drama, and troll, out of this space.

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"If I could understand their motives, then I could create wormholes in banana pudding." - gomer21xx

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